In the Bible, when God wanted to alert His people that something remarkable was at hand, He prompted them to BEHOLD, to pay attention so they wouldn’t miss the wonder and significance.  My experience with loss and grief, with God as my grief coach, has shown me another meaning of His command to behold:

Believe and Experience Hope, Optimism, and Love through God’s Deliverance.

If you or someone you love is needing deliverance from the grip of grief, you have come to the right place. Navigating grief with God at the helm positions you to burst forth from the clouds and into the sunlight, and layers you with a depth and beauty that could not have been achieved otherwise.  During all my seasons of grief, through His grace and guidance, God taught me that there is much to be gained from loss! The results are truly something to behold!  And so it is with enthusiasm that I welcome you to this place and invite you to join me on the journey to wholeness.

Experience Transformation

The goal of BEHOLD Grief Transition Systems is not to simply provide information, but to assist clients in implementing a groundbreaking systematic, standardized, yet so personalized process of navigating grief that it yields transformation

Karen Johnston Neal

Grief Transition Coach, Teacher & Speaker

It was through seasons of loss and deliverance from grief that Karen discovered the dichotomy that has become her mantra: When God is in charge of your grief season, there is much to be gained from loss.

Grief Transition


Does God have a preference for how we grieve, as long as we are including Him in our journey? No, but He does have a preference for the outcome, and that is for you to experience healing and wholeness, so you can live out the remainder of you days in a state of renewed meaning and purpose. That objective is best achieved through a sequence of ideas, thoughts, revelations, and actions that layer together to produce the desired results. Because my message and methodology were given to me by God, I call them “navigating grief God’s way”.

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