Karen Johnston Neal

Grief Transition Coach, Writer, Speaker

Karen acquired a degree in Education from Arkansas State University. She spent almost twenty years writing curriculum and delivering training within the staffing and home care industries.

It was through seasons of loss and deliverance from grief that Karen discovered the dichotomy that has become her mantra: When God is in charge of your grief season, there is much to be gained from loss. She piloted her ground-breaking grief transition course curriculum at a megachurch in Brentwood, TN, where, through 3 different proprietary workshops, she ministered to individuals grieving the loss of their spouse, guided individuals in saying a good “good-bye” to a terminal Loved One, and helped those whose Loved One had died unexpectedly find comfort and closure.

Today Karen offers all her curriculum through private and group coaching formats and online through digital platforms, including a program that guides participants through the grief season of any type of loss, i.e. the loss of a job, a career opportunity, a dream…the loss of friendships, financial stability, a sense of purpose, and one’s vision of what the future should hold.

“Loss is inevitable”, explains Karen. “If you live, you lose. Unresolved grief prevents many people from living their best lives. I know first-hand the healing power of Jesus. I have clung by my fingernails to His promise to comfort me and to my belief that He could and He would. More than once, I have transitioned through my grief and arrived on the other side a gracious and grateful survivor,” Karen explains.

Each devastating loss ushered in a period of grief through which Karen transitioned by seeking and relying on God’s promises of comfort, and of hope and a future. Each transition culminated in another layer of personal and spiritual growth, and a development of character and perspective that had not existed prior. In keeping with His promise to work everything for the good of those who love Him, God used Karen’s experiences to position her to minister to those who are grieving.

Her focus is on navigating grief with God at the helm, incorporating both logic and spirit into a transformational journey that results in renewed meaning and purpose.

Karen resides in Marietta, GA, five minutes away from daughter and son-in-law, and two wonderful grandchildren.