The Amazing Benefits of Navigating Grief God’s Way

The Amazing Benefits of Navigating Grief God’s Way

Even though I have been ministering to grieving individuals for a decade, it is not something I ever expected to be doing.  I never expected to write a book on grief that became the foundation for a course on grief that became the foundation of the Behold grief transition message and process.

I never expected to do any of these things because I never planned to experience the degree of loss required for me to become intimate with the loss-grief dynamic.  I never expected to experience the frequency of loss required to eventually realize and benefit from the profound paradox that there’s much to be gained from loss.

And while I always expected God to comfort me in my grief, I never dreamed that He would reveal to me a sequence of thoughts and actions to share with His children, so they can successfully navigate the grief that loss creates.  His blueprint works in grieving any loss…from the minor ones that we scarcely recognize as loss at the time they occur, all the way to the most painful, cavernous losses that leave us too shell-shocked and depleted to care whether or not tomorrow arrives.

I can look back and see how He prepared me for this enormous responsibility, first by giving me the ability to express my thoughts in writing and later, by placing me in positions within the corporate world that required me to write curriculum, the layered information people would need in order to learn something new.  Throughout my life, in spite of being shy and terrified of the idea of public speaking, He put me in positions and situations that required it.  He helped me become effective at it, and He taught me how to teach. 

But most importantly, His grace allowed me to experience enough loss in my life…both as a result of death, and as a result of poor choices born of ignorance, stubbornness, rebelliousness, and carelessness…to cry out to Him in helplessness, and then to recognize the extreme love He showed by penetrating my thoughts with new perspectives, by opening my eyes to new insights, by carving compassion for others into my character, and by compelling me to create a platform for sharing what He taught me.  All of this gain and growth because of loss.

You are most likely reading this post today because you or someone you love is drowning in grief, stuck in grief, paralyzed by grief…possibly on their way to declaring grief their comfort zone.  If you have lost a spouse, you’ve also lost all the roles that person played in your life, and as a result, the very dynamic of every single day has been drastically changed forever. 

Even so, it is my privilege to announce that it is possible to move forward, to actually learn to live even as the need to grieve continues.  It is possible to transition through your grief to the other side of it, so that even as you acknowledge the void created by loss, your grief is no longer the dominant force in your day.  It is possible to emerge from your grief and be thankful for each new day, grateful for the opportunity to participate and contribute, and to realize the best way to honor your Loved One’s life is to live.  It is also possible to be secure in the fact that there’s a purpose for you to fulfill throughout the remainder of your life. 

When you navigate grief God’s way, these things are not just possible or probable, they are guaranteed. 

You may be wondering, “Is there a process for navigating grief so precise that it’s the only way of achieving grief transition that God will sanction?” No, that is not what I am saying.  God isn’t concerned about the details of the process you use to navigate through your grief, but He is very concerned about the outcome. Because I am so certain of the results that can be achieved through the information and steps He has given me, I describe them as “navigating grief God’s way.” Through them, God can give your pain a purpose and use it as a key ingredient to His anointing on your life. 

Whether you are a Christ-follower or not, there is much benefit to this approach to grief.  I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned as He patiently taught me through many months of agony and self-sabotaging behaviors. I invite you to read and interact with my blog posts as we explore the complexities of the loss-grief dynamic, its prevalence and purpose in the human experience, and the steps required to transform the experience of loss from its negative origin to a blessedly beautiful and positive outcome.

The goal of Behold Grief Transition Systems is not to simply provide information, but to assist in a groundbreaking systematic, standardized, yet so personalized process of navigating grief that yields transformation.  Yes, friendit is through this process that you will be transformed.

In the meantime, seek Him in the midst of your pain and feel His love!

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