The Danger of Anger

The Danger of Anger

Anger. Sometimes it manifests instantly. They are gone, and you are mad. Sometimes it sneaks in while you try to deny its existence, all the while feeling its increasing presence and dreading the truth that it won’t stay in hiding forever.

Anger.  A very natural reaction to loss.  A very dangerous threat that will distort your vision, claim your clarity, and jeopardize your health until it is dealt with and disposed of….once and for all.

Do you recognize yourself or someone you love in the follow expressions of anger?

 You are SO ANGRY AT:

 …Nancy, who made the dreaded phone call and delivered the news that changed everything.

…the doctor, whose medicine and methods were simply not good enough.

…the family members who never pulled their weight during your ordeal, and who, therefore, contributed to your great fatigue.

…the drunk driver, the friend who insisted on partying, the girlfriend he was trying to impress by driving so fast.

…the person who died, for rejecting you, abandoning you, leaving you for “a better place”, when the place you had together was good enough.

…God, who could have prevented your suffering by preventing the death, but He didn’t, even though He claims to love you

yourself, for not getting her to the doctor sooner, not selecting the right doctor, not asking the right questions, not demanding a second opinion, not…..not….not….

You may feel entitled to your anger.  And you are….for a while. But unaddressed anger is dangerous.  It quickly morphs into bitterness and resentment that distorts your perspective of your future and what life holds for you without your Loved One. 

Navigating grief God’s way allows for a healthy expression of anger, but ultimately demands forgiveness.

Forgive Nancy.

Forgive the doctor.

For your family members.

Forgive the drunk driver, the misguided friend, the girlfriend who may have been an innocent bystander.

Forgive your Loved One.

God doesn’t need your forgiveness, but you need His help in granting it.

And finally, forgive yourself.  He will help you with that too.

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