One-on-one Coaching

One-on-one coaching benefits individuals who are stuck in grief due to a devastating loss that literally changes the dynamic of their daily lives.  During a FREE Deliverance from the Grip of Grief phone session with Karen, she determines whether or not her curriculum is relevant and effective for your situation and makes recommendations regarding format and frequency, all based on what you wish to accomplish.  All programs are centered on proprietary curriculum that includes a downloadable participant guide.

Tuition is not based on an hourly fee, but is determined by the program selected and the program length, based on client goals.

Family Coaching

Family coaching is effective and advisable in two situations:

  • Saying “Good-bye” is available in workshop and online formats.  The goal of the program is to maximize the joy and minimize the regrets when coping with the approaching death of a Loved One. The program creates a unified family dynamic that focuses on a collective desired outcome as well as intentional individual interactions with the terminal Loved One.  Emphasizing what must be done and what needs to be said, the Saying “Good-bye” message prompts each participant to create an impactful personal and private good-bye while contributing to the overall family good-bye process.

The collaboration associated with saying a good “good-bye” to a Loved One brings families together and shortens the grief season that inevitably follows the good-bye season. 

Workshop length is typically 1 day but can be altered if necessary due to logistics. Tuition is based on location and any required travel for Coach Karen.

  • After “Good-bye” is available in workshop and online formats.  The program is designed to eliminate the family dysfunction that often arises because when family members are grieving the loss of the same person, but from very different perspectives. The program offers each member an opportunity to walk the journey of grief transition in a very personal manner while realizing exactly what every other family member is also contemplating and experiencing. The results are highly improved levels of mutual respect regarding the impact of the loss on each family member and highly improved levels of understanding regarding the value of each participant’s need to move forward at their own pace.

Workshop length is typically 3 full days, but can altered if necessary due to logistics.  Tuition is based on location and any required travel for Coach Karen.