Online Programs

The Transformational Process

With an emphasis on transition vs. simply support, BEHOLD Grief Transition Systems offers a range of resources that equip grieving individuals to navigate their grief, transition through their grief, and ultimately achieve renewed meaning and purpose. The message and methodology feature ground-breaking, proprietary curriculum that was inspired by God.

After Good-bye: $397

Navigating Grief God’s Way after the Loss of a Loved One

This program is intended for people who have grieved long enough to realize they should be moving forward, but have no idea how to do so.  This tendency to get “stuck” in grief is especially prevalent among widows and widowers, and anyone whose entire day-to-day existence has been altered by their loss.

Saying Good-bye:  $197

A Journey for Maximizing Joy and Minimizing Regret when Coping with the Approaching Death of a Loved One

This program is intended for those whose Loved One has been declared terminal.  It addresses how to craft a good-bye journey that includes all the family members and friends who want to participant, and how each individual can address their own personal, private good-bye experiences.

No Time for Good-bye:  $97

A Journey for Experiencing Comfort and Closure after the Unexpected Death of a Loved One

Those whose Loved Ones passed away unexpectedly are often burdened by the inevitable if only scenarios.  In this curriculum, attendees are guided through every possible situation that could have created an “if only I had said”, and solicits the divine Mediator to speak their hearts to their Loved Ones on their behalf.

From Weeping to Wisdom:  $97

A tool for claiming and chronicling a transformation journey through grief, based on God’s love and God’s word

This guided journaling experience directs the participant through six Holy Spirit-guided phases of their grief journey that culminate in wisdom and transformation.