Are you looking for a speaker/teacher who can deliver a memorable message that is relevant to everyone in your audience? A message that absolutely everyone needs to hear because absolutely everyone will, at one time or another, be affected by the core topic?  

Engaged, inspired, encouraged.  Motivated, moved….transformed.  At first glance you might assume that a presentation regarding loss could not elicit such positive reactions, but they absolutely do, as the audience experiences the epiphany that, with God in charge of your grief season, there is much to be gained from loss.

This is what your audience learns when you hire Karen Johnston Neal for your church conference or other Christian-based event.  She delivers with charisma and warmth, passion and conviction, and from a position of first-hand experience, this transformational message that is predominant in both her topics:

In the first message, after reminding your audience of the extraordinary cost of unresolved grief, Karen will then teach them How to gain MUCH from Loss.  Presenting excerpts from her guided journaling program called From Weeping to Wisdom, Karen will outline the exact process God gave her for transitioning through the grief associated with any loss, with the goals of gaining from it, growing from it, and willingly “letting it go.”  She will then explain in detail exactly what they will gain as a result of navigating grief God’s way.

In the second message, The Greater Gift of Grief, she explores with your audience the deeper meaning of grief to discover the key to ensuring their grief seasons become the platforms for their greatest personal and spiritual growth seasons.

Her messages are transformational and can be applied by your attendees immediately.  Both messages are adaptable to key-note, break-out, and workshop formats, based on your structure and agenda.

To contact Karen regarding a potential speaking engagement, please email her at karen@beholdgrieftransitionsystems.com.

Experiencing Loss is one of few topics to which absolutely everyone in any audience can relate. However, how to transform loss into an asset is a transformational message that even every Christian needs.